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Hostage Negotiations Certification

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Training: Attend PATC Hostage Negotiation Phase I, II and III

Testing: Complete written testing and practical at the conclusion of Phase III

(Conducted at class)


Certification will be valid for two (2) years. The successful candidate will receive special recognition for this achievement.


To recertify, you must complete any of the following trainings:

  • Retake Hostage Negotiation Phase III course


  • Attend a PATC Hostage Conference


  • Attend Hostage Negotiations with the Empathy Impaired and Psychopaths


  • Complete the Hostage Negotiator Certification Online Renewal Exam


  • Complete all four of the following webinar replays:

  1. Introduction to Crisis (Hostage) Negotiation

  2. Negotiating with Suicidal Individuals

  3. Responding to Armed Suicidal Subjects

  4. Critical Incident Stress Management and Officer Wellness

  • Click the renew online button below to access the link to recertify

*No other hostage training qualifies for PATC recertification

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