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for administrators & supervisors

Length of Seminar: 2.5 Days
Instructor: Multiple

Course Objectives:

In tough economic times, police agencies are no strangers to budget tightening. It will come as no surprise, because of this enormous affect, many police agencies will not be able to fill vacancies. Yet the public will still be asking for law enforcement to provide quality public safety services regardless of constraints. So therefore if we have to “do more with less”, then we should retain the best. Additionally, every employee should know how they are doing at work - good or bad. What better mechanism available to accomplish this mission than Performance Evaluations.

Performance Evaluations will yield very little unless proper training be given to the rater. Most Field Training Officers, First Line and Civilian Supervisors were never officially taught the proper use of evaluations, yet this a critical responsibility of their job. In the age of lawsuits, training is essential to stave off issues that may arises during wrongful termination suits, promotions and transfers. Performance Management can be an essential tool to maintaining a positive work environment. When used properly, Evaluations can have a huge impact on morale, performance, and attitudes. It can be the single most effective tool for focusing an individual’s attention on departmental goals and expectations.

Goal of the Program: At the end of this training session, the participant will:

  • Identify 3 Key Performance Areas
  • Learn How to Prepare for Performance Reviews
  • Identify Common Errors in Rating Performance
  • Set Goals and Clarify Expectations
  • See the importance, from a liability perspective, of documenting the 12 Critical Tasks
  • Learn Sample Phrases to document Work Performance
  • Learn How to Rate More Objectively

The Value of Performance Evaluations

Many of us are told that we have to write a performance evaluation on our employees but have never been taught to do so. During this period, it is my hope to show police organizations that performance evaluation will not work unless there is an organizational commitment. Each employee should know how their performance is being measured.

Strengths Based Performance

Too often we capture an employee's weakness and then ask them to work harder in these areas. Studies have proven that an employee's real success relies on identifying their strength. During the time allotted, we will reveal supporting evidence of looking at an employee's strength to increase productivity.

Performance Expectations

During this period, we will discuss the need to clarify expectations and how to assist the employee in goal setting. If the employee does not understand the rating criteria then it will be difficult to know success or failures. Additionally, it is my hope to show the participant the value of an evaluation that mirrors the mission and vision of the organization.

Risk Management

Like most work product in written form, it could be subjected to legal scrutiny. We must make our ratings defensible if they are challenged. During this period we will reveal the importance of documentation.

Performance Review

Invariably the question will arise, When do I have time to complete my employee's evaluation? During this period, we will show why we can’t afford not to complete a thorough assessment of all of our employees.

Writing the Tough Evaluation

I don’t want people to dislike me so I am going to rate everybody the same. During this period, we will discuss ways to overcome this all too frequent rating error.

Final Steps

Before any formal appraisal is given to an employee, the rater's supervisor should proofread for common errors. During this period we will discuss the importance of an appeal process and your superior's role in proofreading the evaluation.




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April 4 - 8, 2022

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September 12 - 16, 2022

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November 28 - December 9, 2022


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