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Identifying Explicit and Implicit Bias

Length of Seminar: 2 Days
Instructor: Multiple

Course Overview:

The seminar, Identifying Implicit or Explicit Bias is an opportunity to identify and learn how biased behaviors surfacing through cultural insensitivity and claims of racial profiling, left unaddressed, might wrongly be perceived as acceptable organizational practices. Students review terminology, self-identify unconscious and conscious biases, review federal statutes and learn how perceptions about bias may perhaps influence perceptions about legitimacy and procedural justice.

Course Goals:

The goal for this seminar is to review and augment training previously received on this topic, using a socio-cultural perspective, with an end goal of promoting meaningful social interaction with all stakeholders during and after training, and a new understanding about the influence of organizational culture on developing social skills required for effective community-oriented and problem-oriented policing.

Course Objectives:

Students will leave this course with a new understanding of:
Define, Demonstrate

At the Conclusion of this training, students will be able to:
Define and Identify what constitutes implicit and explicit bias
Identify characteristics of bias and racial profiling
Demonstrate a modified understanding of implicit and explicit bias
Explain how organizational culture either promotes or suppresses bias

Learning Outcomes:

After participating in this course, students will:
More likely self-assess his or her attitude periodically about race relations, issues relating to gender differences and organizational culture influencing or discouraging insensitivity and profiling
Be less tolerant of conversations promoting discrimination, harassment or bias
More likely help a co-worker struggling with interacting with people who are racially, ethnically, religiously different or those who practice gender differences
Identify methods for interacting differently with people speaking a different language, individuals disliking them because of the police/law enforcement profession, individuals disliking them because of their looks or uniform



Gatlinburg Conference
March 8-11, 2021

Las Vegas Spring Conference
March 29 - April 1, 2021


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