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AR-15/M16 Comprehensive Armorer Course

Weapon Systems Training Councilin partnership with the Weapon Systems Training Council

Length of Seminar: 3 Days
Instructor: Lt. Ron Carter (Ret) and/or Sgt. Michial Dunlap (Ret) WSTC Sr. Staff Instructor

Course Overview:
This three day training module will present a comprehensive, detailed exposure to the AR-15/M-16 Rifle Platform. The program will provide an in-depth understanding of all components, parts and maintenance of the system, as well as, carbine program implementation and selection. This is not a basic, bare bones armorer class. Each student will leave with a very enhanced knowledge of the weapon platform application, assembly, tear-down, repair, diagnosis and maintenance of the AR-15/M-16 rifle. All rifles, parts, tools and materials will be provided for the student to participate and accomplish the class objective.

Who Should Attend:

This class is structured for law enforcement and government personnel who is responsible for the implementation, instruction, repair and maintenance of the department or agency’s AR-15/M-16 weapon systems.


As a result of attending this class, participants should be able to:

  • Understand an overview of the implementation and weapon selection for the Department’s AR-15/M-16 Carbine Program.
  • Selection of proper weapon and specifications for each application.
  • Understand the safety principles involved with AR-15/M-16 Weapon System.
  • Proper Nomenclature of each part.
  • Identify all parts and assemblies of the AR-15/M-16 Rifle.
  • Understand the function of each part.
  • Assemble & Disassemble the complete Upper Receiver Group.
  • Assemble & Disassemble the complete Barrel Assembly.
  • Assemble & Disassemble the complete Lower Receiver Group.
  • Identify & replace defective or broken parts.
  • Order proper parts for repair.
  • Obtain technical knowledge of various trigger groups.
  • Obtain technical knowledge of Gas System requirements & operation.
  • Diagnose problems.
  • Knowledge of optional & necessary equipment selection.
  • Installation of optional & necessary equipment selection.
  • Ability to share knowledge gained with other personnel.



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