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Phase III Hostage Negotiations and Crisis Intervention Certification

Length of Seminar: 4.5 Days
Instructor: Mark Lowther, Jack Cambria and Jim Arey

Course Objective:

This course builds upon Phase I and II, strengthening the foundation of both the theories and practice of hostage negotiations. Completing the Phase I & II Hostage Negotiations through Public Agency Training Council is a prerequisite (other hostage training courses do not qualify).

Certification is available to participants who score 70 percent or higher on a 50-question test covering material from Phase I, II, and III. Participants will also be critiqued on their ability to fulfill the duties of the primary negotiator.

Upon Completion:
Participants will be able to:

Supervise and manage a hostage negotiation team and scene
Predict the resolution of hostage/barricade situations
Serve as an expert witness on hostage/barricade situations
Analyze the mental and psychological state and suicide risk of a hostage-taker
Communicate and negotiate effectively with mentally impaired individuals
Understanding the communications and negation challenges of correctional facilities
Deal effectively with individuals suffering from PTSD

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