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Officer Safety Tactics

Length of Seminar: 2 Days
Instructor: Tyler Sutherland

Course Objective:

Every officers’ goal is to stay safe and go home at the end of their shift, and the general public has a right to have their 4th amendment rights protected. This course helps officers break down case law related to search, seizure, use of force, and exceptions to a search warrant. The instructors then provide examples of how to apply it to your police-citizen contacts past, present, and future. This course will detail and show examples of Investigative Detentions; who do you detain, and when should you detain someone based on your threat assessment. Sometimes more control in the beginning of a police-citizen encounter, often results in less force used at the end.

Many times, during these use of force police-citizen encounters, stress levels increase, and the human body physiologically reacts in different ways to these stressors. The instructors will show examples of how your body reacts under stress and provide helpful tips for how officers can keep a winning mindset during a violent force encounter.

Would a reasonable citizen, that is not a cop, not present at the scene, believe and feel the same way the officer did in the moment? Many times, details in a police report, or lack of details, determine Case Law, which in turn affects every police officer across the country. This course will break down important details that need to be included and explained in a police report, to help officers when it comes time to testify in a court room.

In the current climate of “police mistrust” in many communities, it is important for officers to be able to deescalate a situation when tempers flare up, but stay in control, and still be professional in their actions. This course will show officers some mental mindset tools and tips to help them understand that as generations change, so must the police officer’s mindset when dealing with different generations. The instructors will show examples of how to build relationships with a neighborhood and explain your actions to the citizen once officer safety is not a factor, and the scene is secure.

Each participant will come away with a better understanding of:
• 4th amendment search and seizure case law
• Traffic Stop tactics and considerations
• De-escalation techniques and mindset
• Communicating with your neighborhood citizens
• Threat Assessment based on subject behavior
• Your body’s reaction to stress and inoculation during violent force encounters
• Mental mindset and mental preparation to win the fight






Gatlinburg Conference
March 10-12, 2020

Las Vegas Conference
April 6-9, 2020


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