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Child Death Investigation: Child Death Scene to Court

Length of Seminar: 2 Days
Instructor: Lisa Mayhew, MS

Course Overview:

Overview:This 2 day course provides participants with a broad scope of knowledge regarding the mechanisms of death typically found with child deaths, as well as specific information and strategies for properly investigating the cases. The course also provides practical exercises for reconstructions of infant deaths and delves in-depth into cases for discussion. Overall, the course gives participants a new perspective on exactly what these cases require to reach final determinations of cause and manner of death.

The Causes: Participants will be provided with a proper understanding of the variety of mechanisms common to child deaths, and interpretation of wounds, injuries and pathological findings.

The Scenes: Participants will gain a better understanding of the details from the scenes that are critical in determining cause and manner. As many cases as time allows will be used to illustrate scene importance.

The Challenges: System issues will be addressed top to bottom, from the 911 call to court so that participants will gain a complete understanding of the importance of interdisciplinary investigations. The slightest mis-step can derail a case and take it from homicide to undetermined, and strategies to prevent these mistakes will be outlined.

Families: Participants will gain understanding of ways to deal with grieving families and how to obtain information during this emotional time. Participants will learn that not everyone is cut out for these kinds of cases, and that's okay.

Reconstructions: Participants will learn how to conduct a proper reconstruction for an infant death investigation. Participants should come prepared to participate in scenarios.



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