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Hostage Negotiations Recert (4 Videos Review)

  • 30дней
  • 11заданий
  • 29участников
Получите сертификат, завершив марафон.
Каждый, кто выполнит все задания марафона, получает бейдж.

О марафоне

TOTAL TIME TO COMPLETE: 8 Hours Our Hostage Negotiations Recertification Program is designed to renew your certification for a 2-year period. Ideal for busy professionals who have completed our Phases 1, 2 &3 in-person training. This program provides you with a refresher on the latest techniques and best practices in hostage negotiation. You can view the videos at your own convenience and pace, and upon completion, you will receive a new certification that demonstrates your updated skills and knowledge in hostage negotiation.



320,00 $


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