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Seminar Title:  
Modern Day Sexual Assault and Rape Investigations

DATES:  10/4/2021 through 10/5/2021

INSTRUCTOR(S):  Melissa Maranville

LOCATION:  Drury Inn & Suites Phoenix Airport - 3333 E University Drive, Phoenix , AZ  85034

HOTEL:  Drury Inn Phoenix Airport - Phoenix , AZ  602-437-8400
$89 single/double
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COURSE REGISTRATION FEE:  $325.00 Includes all training materials, and a Certificate of Completion.

Instructor Bio

Melissa Maranville is the Founder/CEO of DeVille and Associates, a public safety training agency located in Knoxville, TN, where she has been researching and developing law enforcement education and training content focusing on topics such as human and sex trafficking, and cryptocurrency and the dark web.

Melissa comes with over 25 years’ law enforcement experience in educating, training, development, presenting, and lecturing.

A former law enforcement officer, Melissa is experienced in crime scene investigation and time-since-death, as well as a former criminal justice and criminology college professor. In 2000, Melissa assisted in training and educating the FBI’s Evidence Response Team in crime scene collection of human remains at the University of Tennessee’s Forensic Anthropological Research Facility, the Body Farm. It is here where Melissa began her career path and passion of becoming an expert on human/sex trafficking and sex crimes working alongside Dr. Bill Bass.

Since then, Melissa has become an avid speaker and trainer for police academies, educating on human and sex trafficking and how to identify trafficking during routine traffic stops and investigations. On several occasions, Melissa was invited to speak and present at the Department of Homeland Security’s training division in Emmitsburg, Maryland on Mass Fatalities and Counter Terrorism; as well as the College of Forensic Psychology on expert witness courtroom testimony regarding Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking, in San Diego, California. In addition, Melissa has completed training at the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, The University of Tennessee, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and The University of North Carolina.

During Melissa’s college professor days, she researched, developed and taught many courses in criminal justice, criminology, victimology, mass fatalities, terrorism, and organized crime. It was during this time that Melissa developed a passion for understanding the criminal mind focusing on organized crimes that fund terrorism, such as human and sex trafficking. In understanding the Future of the Criminal Mind, Melissa began developing content and training programs in Cryptocurrency and the Dark Web for an INTERPOL training initiative, including webinars with the first of its kind to be held in Cape Town, South Africa.

Melissa is currently a PhD candidate in Cognitive Psychology at Grand Canyon University, where her research and dissertation has focused on sex crimes and sex offenders in relation to recidivism rates looking at the United States’ sex offender registration program and how to educate law enforcement agencies on reducing repeat offending. Melissa also holds a master’s degree in Public Health and Safety from the University of Tennessee focusing on mass fatalities and terrorism.

Lastly, Melissa holds many recognitions, including Psi Chi National Honorary Society, Alpha Chi National College Honor Society, Recognition of research on “Violence Against Women in the South” from Spellman College, Nominated for Distinguished Faculty Member for five consecutive years, and a Letter of Commendation from Knox County Sheriff’s Dept. Knoxville, Tennessee for dedicated work on sex offender cases in conjunction with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations.

Pre-Payment is not required to register or attend IN-PERSON seminars. Pre-payment is required for WEBINARS and ONLINE COURSES.


Course Objectives

Times have changed from traditional sexual assault and rape investigations. Not to say traditional investigations are not important, but criminals evolve, and as a police officer/investigator, they must also evolve. This course focuses on modern day sexual assault and rape looking at different investigation techniques, including internet sex crimes. We will then discuss different types of offender/predator behavior and types moving onto understanding victimology and victim blaming. Learn about sex trafficking and what to look for during routine traffic stops and investigations. We will dive deep into internet sex crimes looking at both the surface web, the dark web, social media, gaming, including the statistics and lucrative future of child abuse material. This course will also discuss modern day technology and how society has evolved when understanding sexual assault and rape. We will briefly touch on the sex offender registration system and does it work? We will then ask the question is there a rape culture in America? In the World? This course will also discuss rape evidence and the crucial role of “getting it right,” including chain of command. This course will then close with a discussion on how sexual assault,rape and child abuse materials have changed due to Covid-19. We will gain a better understanding of the future of sexual assault, rape, including child abuse materials.


This event is packed with modern day statistics, data, and case studies. (2-day event)

UponCompletion Participantswill be able to:


  1. Gain an understanding of how traditional sexual assault and rape has evolved.

    1. Learn how and why officers and detectives must also evolve.

  2. Understand investigation techniques for modern day sexual assault and rape.

    1. Learn about the dire important of chain of command

    2. Understand rape evidence

    3. Learn about in-person investigations v. internet investigations, or Both!

  3. Understand different types of predators/offenders

    1. Understand criminology of sex offenders

    2. Learn different personalities of sex offenders

  4. Learn about the different types of victims and survivors

    1. Learn about victimology and victim blaming

    2. Learn personality traits and victim behavior

      1. Learn that not all victims respond the same way

  5. Learn about modern day sex trafficking and sex assault victims

    1. Learn what to look for during routine traffic stops and investigations

  6. Learn about surface web v. dark web regarding sex crimes, including child abuse materials

    1. Learn about dark web sites, social media, and gaming

    2. Learn about the role technology has played in mass increases

    3. Learn the pros and cons?

  7. Understand the rape culture in America and the World

    1. Learn about transnational sex assault and rape, including trafficking

    2. Learn about registered sex offenders and does it work?

  8. Learn how Covid-19 has changed the rape culture, including child abuse materials

  9. Learn the future of sexual assault, rape, including child abuse materials


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November 29 - December 10, 2021


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