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Frequently Asked Questions

What time does the class start?

Day 1 of training will start at 8:30am, however registration begins at 8am. Each following day of training will being at 8am.

What time does class end?

Class end times vary. Full day classes end at 5pm. Half day classes end at 12pm. Your instructor will communicate with you if end times will change.

Is there a dress code for class?

Classroom casual dress is recommended.

Does PATC provide lunch?

No. Attendees will be responsible for their own lunch.

If I don't attend all of the seminar days, are the certificate hours adjusted?

Your certificate will reflect the actual hours of class that you attended. Any missed hours will be deducted from your certificate.

What happens when a student at the class is a "no show"?

There is no refund when a student does not show up to the course that they were registered to attend. However, a credit for that course may be transferred to a balance for a different course.

How do I cancel my registration for a class?

You can email a cancellation request to: and provide the attendee’s name, class date and invoice # if available.

When will PATC cancel a class?

PATC will cancel classes the Monday before the class starts on the following week.  We keep the classes open for as long as possible to allow for last minute registrations. We cancel classes in a manner that you are still able to cancel any reservations that you make without penalty.  
NOTE:  this will not be the case if a student buys/reserves non-refundable hotels or airline tickets.  

Will PATC refund my money if PATC cancels the class?

PATC will refund your money if you let us know that you would like a refund.  If you don’t contact us, we will keep this as a credit on your account to use for later classes you would like to attend.
You can email us at , Bobbie Campbell at or Stephanie Coomer at 

When will PATC cancel a class?

No. PATC is not responsible for travel and other expenses related to your attendance at a class.

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