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David Broadway

David Broadway is a thirty-four year retired practitioner in criminal justice. During his career, David served ten years on a local police department in the patrol, detective and K-9 divisions. In 1986, David was selected to be a founding member of Florida’s first Anti-Terrorist and Fugitive Apprehension Bureau with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). While employed at the FDLE, David was assigned as the statewide coordinator of Florida’s Domestic Marijuana Eradication Program (DME). During his tenure in the DME program he developed training programs for the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), coordinated statewide conferences and delivered training nationwide for the federal government and state agencies. During this same period, David was certified as an expert witness in state and federal court in marijuana cultivation. After the DME assignment, he served in the Major Drug, Economic and Violent Crime Squads. During the aforementioned assignments, David was selected to work on temporary special security details for governor transition teams, presidential visits and foreign dignitaries. During his law enforcement career, he identified unique avenues to recruit foreign nationals and target populations to assist state and national agencies as confidential sources. Further, he recruited and managed confidential sources and developed and taught a block of instruction for the FDLE academy. A recurring theme in David’s yearly performance review was “has an uncanny ability to develop confidential sources.” David is currently an adjunct professor in the school of criminal justice at Western Carolina University



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