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PATC Article Duplication & Distribution Guidelines:

The following article duplication and distribution guidelines are set forth to protect the copywritten material written by PATC staff and contracted affiliates, and to not infringe on agreements between PATC and PATC Partners and Affiliates. The following guidelines are observed for any article found on the PATC network of websites -,,,, and

** Distribution of any article is forbidden if sold at a price as a single item. It may be added to class or training reference material as 'part of' a greater service performed, assuming the rest of the restrictions included in this document are met.

  1. Print-form duplication and distribution may be done with no quantity restrictions when the unaltered PDF format (referenced in the source article found on one of the PATC network site) is used, and where you the distributor bare the complete expense of duplication and distribution, and where there is NO FEE charged to the intended audience/recipient (individually, or as a group) for access to the article.

  2. Any alterations to the article to be used in Print form must be approved by the Public Agency Training Council

  3. Branding with the titles or logo's of commercial or public entities is strictly forbidden without the express written consent of the Public Agency Training Council

  4. Electronic distribution is governed by the following guidelines
  • e-File (for access on a company network or to be placed on CD's/DVD's or other electronic media): In general, e-File guidelines are the same as Print-form guidelines: e-file duplication and distribution may be done with no quantity restrictions when the unaltered PDF format (found exclucively on associated PATC website) is used - if no PDF is available on the PATC website, you may contact us using the information provided below to obtain a copy - no other copies except ones originating from PATC are acceptable for duplication or distribution

  • email: You may not transmit any email under the false pretenses that the email is coming from PATC or being sent at the request of PATC
    1. You may email the document in it's original PDF format or in a PATC-approved PDF format with unlimited quantity restrictions
    2. Emailing the article in text format is strictly limited to forwarding of the original email you received as part of the PATC E-Newsletter Weekly article (attaching a non-PDF style document or by copying and pasting the text directly into an email is forbidden.)

  • Web: Guidelines to using the article on the web are as follows:
    (Note: "Posting" refers to the 'hosting' of the article on your website by means of uploading the article to your web-servers. "Linking" implies referring to the article and creating a clickable link on your website that takes the viewer back to the original source article found on the PATC website)
    1. The article may be posted on the web in it's original PDF format or in a PATC-approved PDF format *ONLY if the web site your are posting it on is owned and operated by a non-commercial agency or entity, and is located in a directory on your web site that is private and password protected, and requires no monetary payments or publicly available subscriptions to access the file.
    2. Posting of the article on commercial web sites, regardless of whether the directory you intend to post the article is secured and private or not, is strictly forbidden.
    3. There are no restrictions to Linking the article title back to the original source article as referenced in #2 above.

You may direct further inquiries or questions to the following:

Email Us
or call 1.800.365.0119

Public Agency Training Council - 5235 Decatur Blvd - Indianapolis, IN 46241 - 800.365.0119

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