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2017 PATC Legal Articles

These free training resources were written by PATC Staff and Partners, and submitted to subscribers of the PATC E-Newsletter.




The Eighth Circuit upholds the District Courtís denial of the Defendantís motion to suppress, finding that law enforcement officers entered the Defendantís hotel room for a lawful purpose
7/5 - 1  Jim Chapman, Attorney

The Seventh Circuit holds that an officerís use of handcuffs did not violate the Defendantís Fourth Amendment rights
6/28 - 1  Jim Chapman, Attorney

The Seventh Circuit agrees with the District Courtís decision that delaying the traffic stop did not deny the Defendantís Fourth Amendment rights
6/21 - 1  Jim Chapman, Attorney

The Wisconsin Supreme Court holds that the Sixth Amendmentís Confrontation Clause protects a defendantís right to confrontation at trial but not at a suppression hearing
6/14 - 1  Jim Chapman, Attorney

The Indiana Supreme Court Holds that a Criminal Suspect Had No Expectation of Privacy Regarding the Location Information on his Cell Phone
5/11 - 1  Jim Chapman, Attorney

District Court Denies a Defendant's Motion to Suppress, Holding that the Defendent Had No Reasonable Expectation of Privacy in an Apartment From Which He Had Been Evicted
4/19 - 1  Jim Chapman, Attorney

A District Court Holds that a Suspect's Whispers are Private and Protected by the Fourth Amendment
4/5 - 1  Jim Chapman, Attorney

The Sixth Circuit Upholds a District Court's Denial of the Defendent's Motion to Suppress, Finding that the Wiretapes at Issue Were Supported By Probable Cause, that the Wiretapes Were Necessary to the Investigation
3/13 - 1  Jim Chapman, Attorney

The Wisconsin Supreme Court Holds that Law Enforcement Officers Can Take Blood Samples From Unconscious Drivers Without a Warrant Under Certain Circumstances
3/6 - 1  Jim Chapman, Attorney

The First Circuit Upholds a Federal District Court's Denial of the Defendent's Motion to Suppress, Finding That the District Court's Factual Findings Do Not Support the Defendent's Arguments
2/22 - 1  Jim Chapman, Attorney

A Federal District Court Holds That the Police Did Not Violate the Defendant's Fourth Amendment Rights During a Stop and Frisk Search
2/17 - 1  Jim Chapman, Attorney

Warrantless Blood Draw of a DUI Suspect Did Not Violate the Fourth Amendment's Protections Against Unreasonable Searches and Seizures
1/17 - 3  Jim Chapman, Attorney

The United States Supreme Court Holds That Officers Are Immune from Suit for Shooting a Victim Through a Window Without First Giving a Warning
1/17 - 2  Jim Chapman, Attorney

May Police Officers Shoot a Dog If the Dog Barks or Moves When the Officers Enter a Home in Order to Execute a Warrant? The Sixth Circuit Says, "Yes" If the Right Circumstances Exist
1/17 - 1  Jim Chapman, Attorney



Gatlinburg 2017

Gatlinburg 2017

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