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2016 PATC Legal Articles

These free training resources were written by PATC Staff and Partners, and submitted to subscribers of the PATC E-Newsletter.



The Seventh Circuit Agrees with the District Court That Officers Possessed a Reasonable Suspicion to Conduct a Traffic Stop and Upholds the District Court's Denial of the Defendant's Motion to Suppress
12/16 - 3  Jim Chapman, Attorney

Police's Removal of the Defendants' Car's Interior Panel as Part of an Inventory Search Exceeded Permissible Scope
12/16 - 2  Jim Chapman, Attorney

A Divided Seventh Circuit Declines to Resolve Questions About the Constitutionality of Using Cellphone-Spying Technology in Order to Track a Suspect
12/16 - 1  Jim Chapman, Attorney

District Court Finds the Warrant Issued by a State Court Judge Was Sufficient and Denies the Defendant's Motion to Suppress the Firearms and Ammunition Seized During a Search of Her Residence
11/16 - 3  Jim Chapman, Attorney

In a 2-1 Decision, the D.C. Circuit Overturns a Lower Court's Ruling That Washington, D.C., Police Were Immune from Claims That They Unconstitutionally Conducted a Warrantless Search Based upon Concerns That a U.S. Army Veteran's Military Experience Meant That His Home Could Contain a Dangerous Device
11/16 - 2  Jim Chapman, Attorney

Sixth Circuit Holds That Officers Are Not Immune from Liability on an Arrestee's False Arrest and Excessive Force Claims
11/16 - 1  Jim Chapman, Attorney

District Court Holds That, Even Though Police Officers Failed to Provide the Defendant with His Miranda Warnings Before Interrogating Him, The Defendantís Answers to the Officersí Questions Were Not Coerced and Would Not Be Suppressed
10/16 - 2  Jim Chapman, Attorney

Police Lacked Probable Cause to Arrest a Defendant and Grants His Motion to Suppress Evidence
10/16 - 1  Jim Chapman, Attorney

District Court Finds That Minor Had Authority to Consent to Search of the Defendantís Cell Phone
9/16 - 3  Jim Chapman, Attorney

Officers May Use Evidence in "Plain Hearing" When Unrelated Target Speaks in Wiretap
9/16 - 2  Jim Chapman, Attorney

District Court Relies Upon Multiple Exceptions to the Warrant Requirement in Denying a Defendantís Motion to Suppress Incriminating Evidence
9/16 - 1  Jim Chapman, Attorney

District Court Finds No Liability on the Part of the City But Holds That a Jury Must Determine Whether Officers Used Excessive Force Against a Suspect During an Arrest
8/16 - 3  Jim Chapman, Attorney

First Circuit Finds That Exigent Circumstances Justified a Warrantless Search
8/16 - 2  Jim Chapman, Attorney

First Circuit Affirms the Warrantless Search of Identification of GPS Coordinates by Pinging a Defendant's Cell Phone
8/16 - 1  Jim Chapman, Attorney

Searches & Seizures: A Warrant is Your Friend
6/16 - 1  Jim Chapman, Attorney

Excessive Force: Always Act Reasonably
5/16 - 3  Jim Chapman, Attorney

False Arrest: Make Sure That You Have Probable Cause
5/16 - 2  Jim Chapman, Attorney

The Doctrine of Qualified Immunity. What is it and Why Do I Care?
5/16 - 1  Jim Chapman, Attorney





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