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Seminar Title:  
Narcotics Major Case Investigation

DATES:  7/17/2023 through 7/18/2023

INSTRUCTOR(S):  Michael Halbleib

LOCATION:  Central Virginia Criminal Justice Academy - 1200 Church Street, Lynchburg, VA  24504

HOTEL:  Courtyard Lynchburg - Lynchburg, VA  
Contact Hotel for Current Rates

COURSE REGISTRATION FEE:  $350.00 Includes all training materials, and a Certificate of Completion.

Instructor Bio

Michael Halbleib is currently a Lt Colonel with the Bullitt County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Unit. Michael began his career with the Louisville Police Department in 1992. He was soon promoted to Detective with the Metro Narcotics Major Case Unit. He investigated numerous major case narcotic trafficking organizations and assisted in the prosecution and conviction of several criminal syndicates / conspiracies. Michael was awarded the Louisville Police Officer of the Year in 2000 while in the major case narcotics unit. He was a Field Training Officer and spent 5 years with the Homicide Unit and SWAT. Michael has been teaching in the field of narcotics for the community, police in-service classes and recruit classes for 16 years.

Michael was also awarded the Executive Merit Award, the Jefferson County Judge Executive’s Merit Award and nominated for the 2009 & 2010 Bluecoat’s Officer of the Year. Currently Michael is a Lt Colonel and manages a narcotics unit that focuses on mid level and major case cartel investigations. He is also a certified police instructor with the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council and an expert witness for the Jefferson and Bullitt County Commonwealth Attorney’s Offices.

Pre-Payment is not required to register or attend IN-PERSON seminars. Pre-payment is required for WEBINARS and ONLINE COURSES.


Course Objectives

Narcotics forms and examples in Course Booklet and PATC Resource Link • Order Not to Disclose Information • Preservation Letter • Order to Seal Search Warrant • Search Warrant Checklist • Search Warrant Narcotics – Knowledge, Training and Experience • Narcotics Search Warrant Items to Seize • Investigative Timeline • Obtaining Investigative Information • Grand Jury Subpoena Request • Mail Covers • Informant Information Form • Informant Cooperation Agreement • Informant Consent to Monitor • Informant Activity Payment Form • Informant Payment Scale • Qualifying Confidential Informant • Civil Forfeitures • Officer Background Statement Narcotics Objectives Eliminating stress when writing Narcotic Search Warrants Writing a search warrant can be extremely stressful for officers and can create errors which could cause a case to be dismissed. This class will teach officers how to begin preparing search warrants in the early stages of an investigation. This preparation will help eliminate stress and allow officers to draft quick and detailed search warrants. Syndication / Conspiracy Investigations Officers will learn how to investigate drug organizations and prosecute them as criminal syndicates or conspiracies. Surveillance Officers will learn how to conduct mobile and stationary surveillance and avoid detection. Officers will also learn how to conduct electronic surveillance using multiple methods. Risk Matrix The risk matrix is extremely important informing officers when to use SWAT to execute search warrants. When properly completed it gives officers information that will assist SWAT with a safe and successful search warrant execution. Operation Plan An operation plan also gives officers important information which provides them with detailed information regarding the suspect(s) and/or location. It also provides information regarding the officers involved and their responsibilities in the search warrant and how the search warrant should be executed. Deconfliction Instructors will discuss how deconfliction programs can inform officers of other agency’s investigations. This will allow the combined efforts of officers from different agencies to work together for the ultimate goal of apprehending and assisting in the prosecution of criminals. Chronological Investigative Timelines Officers will know how to create investigative timelines which will assist them in organizing their case files, drafting search warrants and preparing for prosecution. Items to be seized One of the most difficult areas of writing search warrants is listing the items to be seized. Officers will receive handouts and contact information so they will have the knowledge to list all items needed for a successful narcotics prosecution. Training and experience Officers often fail to list their training and experience when writing narcotic search warrants. Their training and experience will allow them to seize items listed in the search warrant. Officers will receive a handout with areas of training and learn how to use this information when writing search warrants. Grand Jury Subpoenas Officers will understand the importance of using grand jury subpoenas as a means of obtaining information to further their narcotics investigation. Investigative Techniques Officers will learn different investigative techniques which will further their narcotics investigations. Use of confidential informants in Narcotic Investigations A majority of narcotic investigations use confidential informants. Officers will know how to obtain and use an informant while keeping them confidential. Tracker Search Warrants Officers will know how to write GPS tracker search warrants. Pole Cam Court Orders Officers will know how to write pole cam court orders. Cellular Ping Search Warrants Officers will know how to write cellular ping search warrants. Mail Covers Officers will receive the mail cover procedures that are required by the US postal inspectors. They will know how to request mail covers and what is required after they receive the information from the mail cover. No Knock Search Warrants Officers will understand the importance of officer safety regarding no knock search warrants. They will also know how to write the request for a no knock search warrant. Sealing Search Warrants Officer will know the importance of sealing search warrants to protect the identity of informants and their ongoing investigation. Case Review The instructor will review major case investigations on powerpoint showing officers how the above objectives can lead to successful investigations and prosecutions. Practicals Officers will receive practicals regarding narcotic investigations. The practicals will then be discussed and corrected in class so that each student can learn from their mistakes.

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