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Seminar Title:  
Administrative And Mid Level Supervision

DATES:  9/19/2022 through 9/20/2022

INSTRUCTOR(S):  Kedrick Wills

LOCATION:  Drury Inn & Suites Charlotte Arrowood - 8925 Red Oak Blvd, Charlotte, NC  28217

HOTEL:  Drury Inn & Suites Charlotte Arrowood - Charlotte, NC  704-561-7499
$89 Single/Double
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COURSE REGISTRATION FEE:  $325.00 Includes all training materials, and a Certificate of Completion.

Instructor Bio

Colonel Kedrick Wills
Director Idaho State Police

Colonel Kedrick Wills joined the Idaho State Police in 1996. Since his completion of the ISP Academy’s Advanced Training Class #15, he has served in a variety of positions with increasing leadership responsibility. In 2017, Colonel Wills was assigned to serve as the Director of the Idaho State Police. He is a graduate of the Naval Post Graduate School of Homeland Security Executive Leaders Program and the 232nd Session of the FBI National Academy. He holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Training and Development degrees from Idaho State University (Go Bengals!). Colonel Wills has been an adjunct faculty member at the university level as well as an international instructor. He is passionate about leadership and organizational culture.

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Course Objectives


Mission and Vision

The significance of middle management's role of supporting the mission and vision of the department can’t be understated. It is critical that each employee be reminded what we get paid to do. When all else fails, personnel should be able to look at the mission and vision and make proper decisions. Additionally, we will be exploring ways to provide a positive work environment.

Walking the Talk

During this period we will be discussing issues of ethical behavior and how courage effects your level of ethics. Regardless of rank or position you must lead by example.

Work Performance Management

Most organizations task various supervisors with completing performance evaluations without providing training. During the time allotted, we will reveal the importance of this function to the mission and vision. Middle Managers must take the performance evaluation process seriously.

Holding Supervisors Accountable for Behavior

What if the person who needs disciplined is a supervisor? During this period we will be discussing ways to hold the supervisor accountable for their behavior. We will discuss a case study outlining how one commander of a department tried to identify causes of the “unmotivated supervisor.”

Risk Management

Anyone can be sued for just about anything, it is important that the organizations protect themselves with sound risk management practices. Taking an affirmative role in training and monitoring high risk critical tasks, is a crucial step in the right direction. During this session, we will be discussing relevant case law to reduce our liability risk.

Pushing the CEO’s Agenda

There are going to be times when being a middle manager is going to be difficult. You may have to follow an unpopular program from the top, not to mention gripes from the workers. We will discuss ways to deal with the “Acute Political Emergency”, while supporting the CEO’s agenda.

Case Studies

Each participant will be required to participate in group discussion requiring them to make decisions on various topics. Participant will be asked to present their findings to the class. This exercise is done to discover problem solving and leadership abilities.

Managing the Media

Your organization is only one case away from CNN broadcasting “live” from your city. During this period, we will discuss the importance of each level of leadership becoming aware of the pitfalls of dealing with the media.

Goal of the Program: At the end of this training session, the participant will:

  • Have a better understanding of the Role of Middle Management
  • Pay close attention to the Subculture of the Organization
  • Identify the Major components of a Press Conference
  • Understand their role in the Mission and Vision statement

    In addition, the participant will become familiarized with:

  • Performance Evaluations and its Importance to Work Performance
  • Level 5 Leadership
  • 12 Critical High Risk Tasks
  • Written Expectations for Supervisors

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