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Seminar Title:  
Online Investigation and Tracking of Cyber Predators and Registered Sex Offenders

DATES:  11/19/2018 through 11/20/2018

INSTRUCTOR(S):  Glenn Bard

LOCATION:  Columbus, Ohio Division of Police Training Academy - 1000 North Hague Ave., Columbus, OH  43204-2121

HOTEL:  Drury Inn  - Columbus, OH  614-221-7008
$88.00 single/double
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COURSE REGISTRATION FEE:  $295.00 Includes all training materials, and a Certificate of Completion.

Instructor Bio

Glenn Bard, PATC Tech Chief Technical Officer, Instructor

Glenn Bard is a retired Pennsylvania State Trooper First Class and U.S. Veteran of Operation Desert Storm. In 1999 Glenn began Computer Crime Investigations for the PA State Police and has since investigated crimes across the United States ranging from Child Pornography to Criminal Homicide. Glenn has also conducted forensic examinations for city, state and federal Law Enforcement Agencies including the FBI, US Postal Inspectors, and I.C.E. as well as foreign governments.

Due to his training and experience, Glenn has been certified as an expert in Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas and the United States Federal Court System in the areas of Digital Forensics, Cellular Technology and Computer Technology. Glenn has also been certified as an expert Instructor in the State of Maryland.

Prior to retiring, Glenn was selected by the US Attorney's office in Pittsburgh and OPDAT to teach computer crime investigations and computer forensics in Tirana, Albania.

Additionally, he has been a speaker for organizations of all sizes and types, both public and private, to include the Cyril H. Wecht Institute of Forensic Science and Law, Pennsylvania Fraternal Order of Police, Illinois Fraternal Order of Police, New Jersey Fraternal Order of Police, Federal Fraternal Order of Police, and the Institute of Law Enforcement Education, among many others.

Several of the cases Glenn has worked on have received National coverage, to include Fox News, Dateline, the Associated Press, Yahoo!, the New York Times, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh Tribune Review and more.

Additionally, Glenn has received numerous awards during his military and police career, including Honorable Discharges from both the United States Army and the Pennsylvania State Police.

Glenn is the Chief Technical officer for PATCtech, overseeing all Digital Forensic and Data Services. Glenn has acted as technical consultant and/or personally developed Computer Forensic Programs at multiple Colleges, to include Westmoreland County Community College where he was a faculty instructor prior to retiring.

Pre-Payment is NOT required to register or attend this seminar


Course Objectives

Internet crimes against children are arguably among the most under-reported and rapidly growing types of crimes.

This intense hands-on 2 day course is designed to provide law enforcement with practical knowledge and skills to investigate and successfully prosecute Cyber Predatorís and Child Pornography Crimes



  • who is the victim?
  • Who are the criminals?
  • Who should be investigating


  • What are the criminals doing?
  • What technologies/websites are the criminals using?
  • What resources/technologies are available to law enforcement?
  • What unique legal issues are crucial for a successful prosecution?


  • Where is the crime scene?
  • Where can law enforcement get help?
  • Where are the sources of child pornography coming from?


  • How are criminals finding their victims?
  • How is law enforcement finding the criminals?
  • How does law enforcement setup an undercover operation?
  • How does law enforcement find and trace internet addresses to physical addresses?


Definitions: list of terms and their definition, specific examples, relevance, and their use in the criminal investigation of child pornography and cyber predator's

Child Pornography ("Kiddie Porn"), Cyber Predator, Peer 2 Peer Network (P2P), Social Networking ("Social Engineering"), SHA1, Metadata, Internet Protocal Address (IP Address), and more...

Statistics: The surprising and sometimes alarming statistics that give "life" to the importance of this unique type of investigation.

Social Networking Phenomenon, accelerating scope of child porn, suprising "market" of child porn (and the "who's who" list of criminals), charged vs. successfully prosecuted - historical perspective.

The Successful Law Enforcement Response: Through lecture and hands on "live" application, the attendee will be exposed to a number of specific and successful techniques and evolving tactics unique to these types of investigations.

Child Pornography Investigation:

  • Intercepting Child Pornography Evidence Online - how and where files are shared online; identifying / confirming files to be child pornography; the importance of securing Metadata when intercepting evidence to maintain file access history.

  • Locating the Child Pornographer - creating the links between the electronic evidence and the web user's physical address.

  • Legal Steps - Preparing the information needed when requesting court orders; legal requirements when writing a search warrant; prosecuting the defendant (federal, stata dnd local cases).

  • The Cyber Crime Scene and the Physical Crime Scene - the importance and application of specific investigative procedures for the online and on-location scene which lead to a greater number of successful prosecutions.

  • Catching the Child Pornographer - hand's on activities in conducting Peer to Peer and social networking investigations.

Cyber Predator Investigation:

  • Social Networking Cyber Crime Scenes for Child Predators - how "Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat ," "Facebook" and other social networking sites are used by predators to find children

  • Cyber Predators use of Chat rooms, Instant Messages, and Email - how these online utilities can present a unique set of challenges for investigators

  • Investigating - how to "record" social networking sites; what to look for; current trends; behaviors of pedophiles and how they "groo" child victims; what can be considered evidence.

  • Catching the Cyber Predator - how to setup an undercover profile on various websits; how to configure various chat / IM clients to archive (record) messages / discussions; how to video chat with any webcam; legal procedures for posing as a child; what you can do and what you can't


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