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Seminar Title:  
Policies and Procedures: Enhancing Agency Operations

DATES:  11/19/2018 through 11/20/2018

INSTRUCTOR(S):  Perry Hollowell

LOCATION:  Public Agency Training Council Training Center - 5235 Decatur Blvd, Indianapolis, IN  46241

HOTEL:  Holiday Inn - Indianapolis, IN  317-856-6200
$95 Double or Single
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COURSE REGISTRATION FEE:  $295.00 Includes all training materials, and a Certificate of Completion.

Instructor Bio

Perry W. Hollowell recently retired as Chief of Police, but has also been a Sheriff, Chief Deputy, Captain, Lieutenant and Sergeant while serving with three jurisdictions. Along with a thirty-five year law enforcement career he has also had a successful military career retiring after twenty-two years of service. A strong training background includes training law enforcement and military on both a national and international basis. Along with educating thousands of police and military, Perry has been adjunct faculty for three colleges. He has also pursued numerous hours of professional development programs to include the FBI National Academy, U.S. Army Sergeant’s Major Academy and a Master of Business Management Degree. His training, experience and education has provided the opportunity to train in a wide variety of topics

Pre-Payment is NOT required to register or attend this seminar


Course Objectives

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History Of The Legal Developments In Liability For Government Entities: This session will provide participant with an understanding of the history behind liability for governmental entities and set the foundation for an understanding of the impact of policy on that liability.

Monell v Department Of Social Services: The Monell case set the stage for governmental liability for violation of federally protected rights. These lawsuits, alleging a violation of a federally protected right can be the most costly for governmental entities. Participants will gain an understanding of the defining factor of governmental liability, specifically: Policy; Custom; Ordinance; Rule or Regulation that leads to a violation of a federally protected right. Participants will also gain knowledge with respect to the concept of a Final Policy Maker and the impact of a final policy maker on liability.

Incorporation Of A Practical Mission Statement/Agency Values Into Agency Policy: This session will focus on the theory behind mission statements and agency values and assist the participant in understanding how theoretical mission statements and agency values can be used as the underlying foundation for policy.

High Risk/Low Risk Policy Matrix:  Not all policies expose agencies to liability. This session utilizes the high risk/low risk-high frequency/low frequency matrix developed by the Gallagher-Westfall Group in order to assist attendees in prioritizing agency policies for development, training and review.

Liability Assessment and The Multi-Layered Approach To Liability Avoidance: This session utilizes the Gallagher-Westfall Group 6 layer approach to risk assessment and liability avoidance. Participants will gain insight into the reality that a written policy, standing alone, does not necessarily reduce liability. Additional factors including enforcement of the policy as intended; training; documentation; and review will also be examined.

Writing Policy/Where To Begin: This session will provide participants with a practical approach to begin the task of writing a policy. Attendees will be provided with a laundry list of resources that will enable them to research the best (current) practices relating to the particular policy being written. Participants will also gain an understanding of the importance of tailoring policy to the needs of their particular agency.

Format: This session will examine the format of policy. What items should be included; what items are necessary; how detailed should they be? The Kiss principle as applied to public safety policy will also be examined.

High Risk Policies: This session will focus on high risk policies and examine the legal trends under United States Supreme Court rulings, Federal Consent Decrees by the United States Department of Justice and rulings of lower federal and state courts impacting these policies. Participants will gain an understanding of these trends so they may examine the policies from their agencies to determine their conformity to these trends.

Low Risk Policies: This session will examine a number of low risk policies. This examination will lead to a better understanding of the difference between high-risk and low-risk policies while at the same time provide participants with a sampling of low risk policies for their consideration. Contemporary low-risk policies, such as cellular phone use, e-mail and computer use will be reviewed.

Model Policies/Policy Audits/Accreditation: This session will examine the various resources available for model policies and the use of these “canned” policies. An examination of policy audits conducted internally or by external groups will be undertaken in an effort to provide the participants with knowledge of how these audits are done. The accreditation process with respect to its impact on agency policy will also be examined.

Training Issues With Respect To Policy—Entry Level and In-Service Training: Participants will gain an understanding of the importance of training with respect to existing and newly implemented agency policies. The session will examine the concept of deliberate indifference to the obvious need for training and how a failure to train on a new “high risk” policy will lead to agency liability.

Policy Documentation and Enforcement Of Policy: Participants will examine various methods for documenting the receipt and training of agency policy as well as gaining an understanding of the importance of such documentation. An examination of factors in policy enforcement will be undertaken with a focus on the importance of enforcement of the “policy as intended” as opposed to the “policy as interpreted.”

Developing Legal Trends In The Area Of Policy Development: Due to the constant litigation facing agencies and the continuing development of the law, the closing session will focus on developing trends in the law as it relates to agency operation and practice. The session is intended to make participants aware of areas that they should give added attention to in order to be ahead of the trend rather than reactionary to a lawsuit.

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