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Seminar Title:  
Active Shooter Response for Public Safety Dispatchers

DATES:  11/9/2017 through 11/10/2017

INSTRUCTOR(S):  John Distelrath

LOCATION:  Washington State Convention Center - 705 Pike Street, Seattle, WA  98101

HOTEL:  Executive Hotel Pacific - Seattle , WA  206-623-3900
$125 + tax single/double

COURSE REGISTRATION FEE:  $325.00 Includes all training materials, and a Certificate of Completion.

Instructor Bio

John Distelrath is retired from public safety after 32 years in law enforcement, the last four years as Chief of Police.

In conjunction with his management experience, for the past 38 years, John has developed and taught courses in management, organizational development, and criminal justice at the university, community college, adult education, and private sector.

John is a California POST certified Instructor Development Institute Advanced Instructor in the Basic Police Academy, Force Options, Situational Leadership II, Investigative Report Writing, Supervisory, and Field Training Officer courses. He is currently a lead POST instructor in the Public Safety Dispatchers’ 120 hour basic course at Rio Hondo College Regional Police Academy and teaches a contemporary Introduction to Criminal Justice at the University of California, Riverside – Extension California Department of Justice, Crime and Intelligence Analysis certification program.

Distelrath is a member of the International Law Enforcement Educators and Training Association, California Police Chiefs Association, and the California Peace Officer Association COPSWEST training.

Pre-Payment is NOT required to register or attend this seminar


Course Objectives

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Today’s Public Safety professionals and the communities they serve are operating in an environment that can turn hostile at any moment. While an Active Shooter is normally the reference used in a mass casualty incident, the suspect could use a knife, large truck, baseball bat, or pressure cooker.

Active Shooter attacks happen quickly and are unpredictable. At the outset, the environment is populated by a large number of innocent people with an active killer attempting to achieve the highest body count possible in the shortest amount of time.

Most incidents occur at locations in which the victims feel safe and the killer finds little or no resistance to their attack. Locations are generally described as “soft targets” that have limited security to protect the victims from their attack.

Since most attacks end within minutes, the actions of a Public Safety Dispatcher, as the first responder, is critical to a successful conclusion.

This class will provide the student with a clear understanding of the psychology of an Active Shooter, guidelines for directing victims to minimize the loss of life, the proper questioning techniques for callers experiencing extreme anxiety, and the skills needed to gather information for controlling and directing first responders.

Upon Completion: Participants will be able to:

  • Explore recent research on the Psychology of the Active Shooter to define and refine the focus of the class.
  • The student will have a clear understanding that the call taker/dispatcher is the first responder to an Active Shooter situation.
  • Understand the caller is focused on survival while the Public Safety Dispatcher is focused on information with techniques for directing the caller’s behavior and methods to bridge the gap.
  • Expose the student to the tactical skills necessary to operate in the unique tension of an Active Shooter event.
  • The student will practice and implement the “3 Out Approach” for survival: Lock Out, Hide Out, or Take Out.
  • Instill in the student proven methods of asking questions and directing the flow of information to successfully communicate and control first responders to the evolving situation.

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