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Seminar Title:  
Use Of Force

DATES:  8/7/2017 through 8/9/2017


LOCATION:  Ascension Parish Sheriff's Dept Training Center - 9094 St Landry Road, Gonzales, LA  70737

HOTEL:  Clarion Inn & Conference Center  - Gonzales, LA  800-946-5432
$85.95 Single/Double
Identify with Public Agency Group to receive discounted room rate.

COURSE REGISTRATION FEE:  $325.00 Includes all training materials, and a Certificate of Completion.

Instructor Bio

Jon Blum brings a unique blend of law enforcement and technical writing experience into the classroom. He began his law enforcement career with the Winston-Salem, North Carolina Police Department. His previous assignments include uniform patrol, FTO, Drug Interdiction, and SWAT. Jon was the POST Training Director for the NC Department of Justice and PIO for the Garner, North Carolina Police Department. He earned his MPA and BS in Criminal Justice form the University of North Carolina. Jon also holds TASER, OC, ASP, and impact weapon instructor certifications. He is a qualified use of force expert in both state and federal courts.

Pre-Payment is NOT required to register or attend this seminar


Course Objectives

Course Overview

The opening hour will be an overview of the class, a general explanation of each block of instruction and the learning objectives for each block.  Additionally, any current high profile incident(s) will be profiled.

The program includes coverage of the following areas:

Definitions of Force:
Several of the more commonly accepted definitions of force will     be provided along with an interactive discussion and explanation of each.    

Policy and Law:
Generic policies regarding use of force and reporting use of force will be reviewed.  An explanation of applicable state  and     federal laws and the implications they present in the police use of force.

The Dynamics of Fear:
An examination of fear and its influence during critical situations and how the perception of danger (fear) affects our emotions and responses.

Use of Force Tactics:
An explanation and discussion of various methods used to subdue and control unruly or uncooperative suspects.

Non-Deadly Weaponry:
The class will be lectured on the situational use of non-deadly weapons such as batons, asp, O.C. spray and the pros and cons of each weapon.    

The Progression of Force:
The class will be introduced to several use of force continuums and alternatives to the use of force.

Reporting Use of Force:
The class will be lectured in the reporting, documentation, investigation and follow-up of police use of force incidents. Emphasis will be placed on providing management with an accurate description of the totality of the circumstances.

Collection of Evidence:
The class will be lectured on the importance of gathering evidence critical to the use of force investigation such as clothing, photographs etc;addition discussion will focus on the the impact such evidence plays in managementís scrutiny and public disclosure of such incidents.

Ethics in the Use of Force:
The participants will be lectured in the legal, ethical and moral aspects and consequences of the use of force and the higher standard of conduct required of those in law enforcement.

Review and Final Comments

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