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Use of Force

Any review on law enforcement’s use of force must begin by outlining the Constitutional authority on use of force by law enforcement officers. The basic rule governing use of force is that all uses of force by a law enforcement officer against a free citizen must meet an objectively reasonable standard. In the case of Graham v. Connor the U.S. Supreme Ct. devised a formula for reviewing all uses of force to determine the objective reasonableness of a particular use of force. The most important aspect of Graham is the three factor test which all uses of force are to be judged.

- How serious was the offense that the officer suspected was or had been committed?

- Did the suspect pose a physical threat to the officer or some other person present at the scene?

- Is the suspect actively resisting or attempting to evade arrest by flight?

The purpose of this training is to provide the attendee with legal updates and policy directives relative to the use of force.

DATE:   This is a pre-recorded webinar. Upon registering you have 15 days to view this webinar as many times as you like. A registration confirmation email will be sent to you from the automated "Messenger" system.

Duration: 1 Hour      * Fee: $35

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