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Vickie Schaefer, C.F.I.; C.F.E.I.

Vickie Schaefer recently retired after 20 years in law enforcement with the McLean County Sheriff’s Department in McLean County, Illinois. Vickie spent more than 13 years as a detective handling a variety of cases including death and crime scene investigations.

Vickie was also assigned as the fire investigator for the Sheriff’s Department and is still the team leader for the MABAS 41 County Fire Investigation Team. She is a Certified Arson Investigator recognized by the Office of the State Fire Marshal in Illinois. Vickie is also a Certified Fire Investigator recognized by the International Association of Arson Investigators and a Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator recognized by the National Association of Fire and Explosion Investigators. She has testified extensively as an expert witness in origin and cause investigation in Federal and State Courts in Illinois. She is a member of the IAAI and NAFI. Vickie is now employed as a fire investigator in the private sector conducting origin and cause investigations for the insurance industry.


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