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Scott Lucas

Scott LucasDonald "Scott" Lucas is a US Army veteran and retired Pennsylvania State Police Trooper. Scott served for 20 years with the PA State Police, spending 10 years as a Criminal Investigator and 7 years as a member of the Computer Crime Unit. With PSP, Scott investigated and successfully prosecuted crimes ranging from identity theft to child pornography to criminal homicide. As a computer forensic examiner, he assisted members of his agency, as well as officers from other local, state and federal agencies, with computer related crimes, as well as performing pro-active investigations into child luring and the sharing of child pornography over the internet.

Scott developed curriculum and provided training to the members of his department, as well as other departments in Pennsylvania, in computer crimes and investigations.

Scott has testified extensively in state and federal proceedings, has been qualified as expert witness in Digital Forensics, and has received training in computer crime and computer forensics from numerous state, local and federal agencies and organizations. Additionally, he has been invited to speak to state and local law enforcement agencies, crime victims’ service organizations, school districts, professional organizations, and human service agencies.

Scott began as a part-time instructor with PATCtech in 2009, and, since his retirement from PSP in 2014, has become a full-time instructor and forensic examiner.


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WSTC 2017


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