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Internet Tools for Criminal Investigators

Length of Seminar: 2 Days
Instructor: Glenn K. Bard


The primary objectives of this course are to familiarize the law enforcement officer and investigator with using the Internet and on-line applications as tools for criminal investigations, and the fundamental procedures for investigating crimes occurring on-line.   

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Primary Topics for this course include:

Review of Internet basics such as IP addressing:

How IP addressing works, and how Geo Graphic IP addressing can be used to determine an approximate location prior to identifying the suspect.

E-mail investigations:

Including how e-mails travel the internet, how they can be intercepted and altered, and other wildcards such as Outlook and Gmail and how they change the steps for tracing the source of the e-mail.

Nigerian scam:

Many E-mail scams are given the title of the “Nigerian Scam”, this block of instruction will focus on the many different forms of the scam and how to differentiate the difference between a scam and simple spam e-mails.

Chat Investigations:

This block will focus on Yahoo! And AIM and includes how each are archived. Additionally we will focus on common terminology used by chatters.

Child Luring:

This block focuses current trends used by predators to locate and groom children. Additionally, we will focus on rules and procedures that must be followed by Investigators when conducting proactive chat investigations.

Child Pornography including P2P (Peer to Peer network) investigations:

In this block we will focus on identifying the current trends in sharing child pornography, to include the use of Peer to Peer file sharing programs. We will also discuss resources available to Investigators to help in identifying the children in the images.

MySpace and social engineering websites:

This block will cover everything from how to copy and save MySpace pages to using MySpace as a tool, to how to trace the creator of a MySpace profile. Additionally, we will discuss the artifacts that are left on a computer system after it has visited a MySpace page. And lastly we will also discuss how the suspect’s are using MySpace as well.

Identity Theft:

We will discuss many ways that Identity theft occurs including skimming, E-mail scams, and account hacking and more.


This block will focus on the basic forms of hacking to include unlawful access to networks, logic bombs, and Denial of Service attacks and how each of them may be investigated.

Anonymizers, botnets, and proxy servers:

We will discuss how each of them work, how to identify them, and whether they can be traced. 

Internet as a tool, Search engines, people locators, etc.:

This block discusses the publicly available tools available on the Internet that can be readily used as resources for criminal investigations.

Case law:

The class will focus on Federal case law pertinent to computer crimes and computer search and seizure.

Federal Rules of Electronic Discovery:

What can be seized, and examined, and what is off limits.

How to Design a department policy concerning internet usage and online investigations:

The course will end with how to design a proper SOP for internet usage, computer investigations, and proactive investigations. This may protect the Investigator and the Department from civil liability. Additionally, it will help enhance the ability to prosecute the crimes, as well as ensure that Investigators don’t cause more harm than good when conducting proactive investigations.


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