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Bombs, Improvised Explosive Devices, Booby Traps and Bomb Threat Management

Length of Seminar: 2.5 Days
Instructor: Gerald Sheehan

Course Overview:

Preparing For Major Incidents Under Stressful Conditions: The class will be exposed to lessons learned from 1st Responders who worked at high profile, stressful incidents. Suggestions will be given on how to prepare for, deal with and work through these situations.

Introduction To Explosives and Their Hazards: This session will identify the differences between high and low explosives and the common types of commercial / military / improvised explosives. They will study the theory of explosives and how this information can assist their investigations. The class will learn the hazards associated with explosives and their dangers to 1st responders.

Bomb Threats and Crisis Management Plans (CMP): The class will learn how to assist private/educational facilities in creating a Crisis Management Plan. Topics will include: picking team members, properly documenting/relaying the threat, evaluation of the threat, determining which type of search or evacuation will be the safest and most productive and cooperation between the private/educational facility and the 1st responders to expedite a safe return to work.

Suspicious Packages: This session will cover suggested ways to deal with a suspicious package including: reporting, marking the area, evaluations, evacuations, important information needed for the responding bomb squads and the removal/transportation of the item.

Improvised Explosives Devices (IEDs)/Booby Traps: These sessions will cover variations of improvised (home made) explosives devices encountered by 1st responders. The class will learn how these IEDs are often used in conjunction with booby trap activation systems to injure or kill unsuspecting searchers or trespassers.

Crime Scene Management and Crime Scene Searching/Evidence Collection: These topics will cover the significance of properly safeguarding a crime scene, suggested methods of searching for and documenting physical evidence.

Explosive Investigations and Agency Cooperation: Case studies will be utilized as a guide to conducting an efficient and organized investigation. Topics include: finding the seat of the explosion, setting up job assignments, evaluating progress, daily and long term goals and preparation for potential arrest and trials. The importance of pre-established Protocols/Memorandums of Understanding with Federal and interagency units will be addressed.

Case Studies: Several actual NYPD and Federal cases will be discussed and analyzed. Students are encouraged to present cases of interest that their jurisdictions have investigated.

Motivations of Bombers: Terrorism is a main concern to all 1st responders, but to avoid tunnel vision we will also discuss many other motivations that have been and will continue to be encountered.




Las Vegas Winter Conference
November 29 - December 10, 2021


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