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Bombs, Improvised Explosive Devices, & Threat Management

Length of Seminar: 2 Days
Instructor: Gary Bills

Course Overview:

The threat of terrorist attacks both domestically and internationally has increased significantly over the past few years. The Improvised Explosive Device continues to be the weapon of choice for radical terrorist as well as the closest threat, the narco-terrorists south of the United States border. When an attack or threat occurs, the Police, Fire, and EMS first responders will be the first arriving officers at the scene, often without EOD and Tactical support for several hours.

This course is designed to provide the first responder with the tools, knowledge and capabilities to react to and stabilize an incident involving and improvised explosive device or suspect device until qualified technical support arrives on scene. The course takes the student through the “Who” with historical studies of previous bombings and current threats that face them. The “what” is covered in the components of improvised explosive devices and the effects of energetic material detonation.

The students will be trained in conducting a vulnerability assessment of potential targets in their area of operations and how to conduct a threat assessment of an actual or suspected IED incident. Practical exercises will be conducted thorough group tabletop events that will challenge the students using threats in their AORs.

This course will provide valuable information for the first responder to accurate assess an incident and provide useable intel information to responding technical units. It also provides the supervisory and management officer with valuable information to determine the level of threat and what is needed to justify operational closures and evacuations.

The course is taught by a retired Bomb Squad Commander and Hazardous Devices Technician with experience in maintaining operational capabilities at a major International Airport as well as insuring the safety of citizens and responders.

Upon Completion:
Participants will be able to:

• Describe how explosives have been used in the recent past to propagate criminal and terrorist activity, and the current threats posed to public safety
• Identify components of an improvised explosive device (IED)
• Recognize the effects of a detonation and how to set up the scene to ensure public and responder safety while minimizing damage
• Develop a threat analysis of their area of operations and provide threat assessments for simulated incidents
• Create a bomb threat response and use proper search procedures






Las Vegas Winter Conference
November 29 - December 10, 2021


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