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Court Security

Length of Seminar: 2 or 3 Days
Instructor: Paul B. Banner

Course Overview:
We will discuss a typical profile of those involved in court building incidents, types of trials that incidents have occurred, types of weapons used, nine keys to court security vulnerability and general information relating to how many have been killed, wounded, injured, or taken hostage in courtroom incidences.

General Information: During this period, we will discuss the duties of court security personnel, elements comprising courtroom demeanor and areas of security responsibility.

Regular Court Security Procedures: During this period, we will discuss measures to ensure records and evidence security, procedures for judges’ security, and security measures for witnesses and their waiting areas.

Normal Jury Procedures: During this period, we will discuss points to emphasize during jury orientation, rules when escorting jurors, procedures for court security officers to follow during jury deliberations, options a judge has when a juror becomes ill, emergency procedures when a juror must be evacuated from the courtroom, and guidelines for guarding the jury deliberation room.

Sequestered Juries: During this period, we will discuss steps in pre-planning for a sequestered jury, areas of special consideration in pre-planning for sequestered juries, and problem areas encountered with sequestered jury trials.

Prisoner/Defendant Security: During this period, we will discuss categories of in-custody defendants appearing in court, the weakest links of the custodial process, prisoner transportation, restraining devices, policies on weapons, temporary holding area policies, times escape attempts usually occur, policies on disruptive conduct, communication with other than court security officers, handling female prisoners, juvenile procedures, search of litigants and defendants on bond.

High-Risk Trials: During this period, we will discuss common characteristics of a high-risk trial, representatives of agencies forming a security committee, tasks of the security committee, elements of an operational plan, and court security measures for high-risk trials.

Special Courtroom Considerations: During this period, we will discuss critical times when the potential for incidents is greater than usual, factors which contribute to disruption in court, the potential for incidents during arraignments and sentencing, civil and domestic court cautions, unruly spectator procedures.

Emergency Procedures: During this period, we will discuss the types of emergencies that often occur in court buildings, general recommendations for handling emergency situations, and recommendations for the various emergency plans. Due to the increase in bombing activities, a special section on bomb/physical security planning and characteristics of letter/parcel bombs has been incorporated.

Post Event Review: During this period, we will discuss the purposes of a review and guidelines for conducting a review.

Physical Security Surveys: During this period, we will discuss information determined by conducting an on-site examination and analysis of the court building, key factors in any physical security survey, physical survey elements, of a pre-survey, recommendations on designing the survey report, and how to conduct post-survey activities.




Las Vegas Winter Conference
November 29 - December 10, 2021


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