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Homicide Cold Case Review Committee

The Public Agency Training Council is known throughout the United States (and beyond) as the source for Law Enforcement training and services. As a new service the PATC announces the formation of the "Cold Case Review Committee." The purpose of this committee is to make available to police departments, who do not have Cold Case Squads, a review process for old, unsolved homicides. PATC has over fifty instructors with expertise in many fields in law enforcement. Each of these instructors bring many years of experience in their specific areas.

These fields include: Homicide Investigation and Supervision, Crime Scene Analysis and Blood Spatter Interpretation, Domestic and Child Homicides, Arson Investigation, Burn Pattern Analysis, Forensic Pathology, Legal Issues such as Miranda, Search and Seizure, the storage and handling of evidence from old cases, and bombs and explosive devices, just to name a few.

This service will be offered by the Public Agency Training Council at no charge to the submitting agency.

Standing Committee Members:

Co-Chair: David Rivers, Sergeant (Retired) Metro-Dade Police Department, Miami, Florida. Sergeant supervised Dade County's Cold Case Squad for 10 years and has over 20 years homicide experience. He was with Metro-Dade for over 27 years

Co-Chair: Sandra Mays, (Retired) Director of the Wyoming State Crime Lab. Sandra was in the crime lab for 22 years. She teaches crime scene reconstruction and blood spatter reconstruction.

Mike Coker, Sergeant (Retired) Portsmouth, Virginia Police Department. Mike is a 20 year veteran police officer and supervisor and was the commander of the Portsmouth Homicide Unit.

Anthony "Tony" Monheim, Sergeant (Retired) Metro-Dade Police Department, Miami, Florida. Sergeant Monheim was a supervisor in the Robbery Bureau for 16 years and a supervisor in the Homicide Bureau for 12 years.

Jack Ryan, Captain (Retired), Providence Rhode Island Police Department. Jack was a police officer for 20 years and has been an attorney for 14 years. He offers expertise in Miranda, Search and Seizure and the spoliation of evidence.

Jarrett Crawford, Detective (Retired), Metro-Dade Police Department, Miami, Florida. Jarrett was a member of Dade County's Homicide Bureau for 14 years and the Cold Case Squad for 9 years. He has a total of 35 years as a police officer.

Dr. Andrew Baker, Chief Medical Examiner, Hennepin County Medical Examiner's Office, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Dr. Baker has extensive experience as a Forensic Pathologist.

Greg Smith, Detective (Retired), Metro-Dade Police Department, Miami, Florida. Greg is a founding member of the first Cold Case Squad in the United States with 22 years experience in cold case investigation.

Steve Riggs has over 22 years of Law Enforcement, and Fire Experience. He has extensive training in Fire Determination, Criminal Investigation, Arson Investigation, Evidence Recovery, and Case Management. He has authored two fire science books and co-authored another

Other instructors may be utilized if their particular expertise is required for a specific case

Submitting Your Case for Review: Requirements, Instructions and Application

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