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Title: Teen challenges ěDress Codeî School Resource Officer Challenges Teenís Wallet
ID: LL161
Issue: SU2-3
Issue Date: 2005-05-01
Edition: School
Type: Article


A black, stretchy, spaghetti-strap dress, open-toed platform sandals, earrings, necklace and a purse do not seem like inappropriate attire for prom. But that attire, plus a blonde wig, resulted in a suspension and a $249 fine for a Lake Geneva, Wis., high school student ń because he wore the outfit to the school event.

According to a May 10 article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Kerry Lofy, a senior, was suspended from school for three days and ticketed for disorderly conduct for wearing a dress to his senior prom.

Lofy, who borrowed the dress from his girlfriend, said he is not gay but agreed to go to the prom with a male friend who is gay. Lofy told the newspaper that he wanted to help out his friend because he did not have a date and he thought it would be funny to wear a dress to his senior prom. Lofy, a power lifter who participates in three other sports, wore a duct tape suit to prom last year.

School officials learned about Lofyís plan days before the prom and, according to Lofy, an assistant principal warned him not to wear the dress. The school official allegedly told Lofy, ěItís not your prom.î High school officials did not return reportersí calls.

According to the story, Lofy and his date dined at a local restaurant with three other couples, posed for photos and headed for their dance. Lofy said teachers turned him away at the door because he wore a dress. Lofy then went to his car, donned a tan and black leisure suit over the dress and was admitted to the dance. Once inside, however, he shed the leisure suit and participated in a dance-off. Shortly thereafter a security guard showed him the door.

A school resource officer issued Lofy a ticket the following Monday for disorderly conduct. Lofy maintained that he didnít harm anyone and was not in any way disrupting the schoolís learning environment.

Lofyís friends planned to protest the schoolís actions by wearing opposite-sex clothing. The suspension cost Lofy a shot at breaking his schoolís pole-vault record.

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